Thursday, October 9, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words

Our ever-snoring bull dog Maggie! If you ever wonder where she's gone off to all you have to do is listen for a minute and you'll hear her snoring or snorting depending on her level of consciousness at that moment. She was being too cute and I just had to get this!
I was looking through our pictures today and was amazed at the sheer number I have. While there are considerable gaps for one reason or another I am still amazed. Friends, family, parties, holidays, old boyfriends, trips, pictures I've taken and ones I've been sent. I remember as a kid spending hours going through my grandmother's old photo albums. The girls love going through mine or cycling through the files on the computer. They never seem to stop fascinating me. Little bits of memories and sometimes, like with Maggie today, just a little giggle when you need one.

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