Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Newest Project–Part 3 of 3–Fail!

Back in December I posted here and here about my hatred for my current living room furniture and my desire to do something about it. I had grand plans of recovering it in an economic yet fashionable way and making it look like a million bucks on a budget. Kind of a Bite-Me-Martha thing.

Yeah, well… so much for that. 

I got the chair cushions done. Twice.  After an accident with a sippy cup and some red soda it needed to be done again. Then I got the sofa cushions totally done. I got most of the ottoman cover done (Still working on that due to a slight “design flaw”.) And that’s about where the project stopped.  The thought of tearing apart the couch was daunting.  I wanted to do it. I know that with a little bit of help and some time I could do it. But having the help and the confidence is where I fell short.  Damn it. 

I was recently told that I “get really excited about stuff and then it just fades away”. This was not done as constructive criticism but pointed out as a glaring character flaw. This is something that really hurt my feelings and stuck with me.  It made it difficult when faced with what to do with the couch when I realized that I had bitten more than I could currently chew. 

Admitting defeat is not something I do well. I will say that I do tend to take on a lot at one time. Projects, commitments, just general to-do crap.  Admitting when maybe that list has gotten to be more than I can handle is not something that I’m good at.  I am controlling. I am demanding. I know that. I think it comes from growing up and having almost no control over the chaos in my life. Or not knowing how to control it. And then moving into adulthood and a marriage that was equally beyond my control.  So here I am, at 34, a self-proclaimed Control Freak. It would be in good taste to say that I’m working on it, but let’s be realistic – I’m not. Nor do I really have any intention of it. Isn’t admitting you have a problem the first step?  Screw the other steps, I’ve got too much else to do.

So, to come back from Tangent Land…

The living room furniture will not be recovered in some uber-snazzy, look-how-crafty way.   Thank you to Target clearance and I purchased two slipcovers.  The couch now looks fantastic!  The slipcover actually solved one of my biggest pet peeves about the couch. Because the seat cushions are not connected to the couch in any way they are constantly needing readjusting. Something that seems beyond the ability of my children/husband to see or fix (how you don’t notice you’re sitting on a cushion that is hanging off the furniture by 3 inches is beyond me). The slip cover holds them nicely in place and only requires a daily re-tuck! *insert angels singing here*  In about 2 minutes I took my icky couch and made it into something that I could really love. Why the hell didn’t I do this months ago? Oh, that whole control thing. Right.   The cover for the chair will be here on Thursday. 

I will be posting pictures once everything is here and together.  We’re working on re-doing the floors, too. But, that’s another post all it’s own.