Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Jane!!

Last night was Jane's birthday. She's 9 now. I know, I was surprised she wasn't turning 35 too but the math just doesn't work! ;-) Tonight is the big party. Slumber party and ice cream sundaes and karaoke! More about that this weekend. Doug came home early to have dinner and cake and that was awesome. Jane actually made her own birthday cake. All of the girls love to cook and bake (yay for me sometimes) and she did a really great job. All I did was remind her to READ the directions - something her older sisters sometimes have trouble with (hence the banana bread disaster) and she made it perfectly. They all really like the bundt pan. Maybe it's just having a cake in an Other Than Rectangle shape. I don't know but that was what she wanted. So we heated up the frosting when it was done and poured it over the top. I think the best part was the frosting "pool" in the middle!

Hannah Montana Karaoke CD from her sisters!
Hannah Montana Barbie from Grandma and Grandpa Strange
Littlest Petshop Playset from Dad and Lisa
Seahawks Jersey from Mom and Doug! (That's right! The girl's a native!)

Tshirts from Grandma and Grandpa Sholdra
Apparently she didn't want to share the spotlight!

And no birthday is complete without Birthday Whoopin's!!

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