Thursday, October 9, 2008

Janie Knievil and her Big Mama

So Saturday night Jane thought she'd try out her newest dare-devil routine with a double-round-about-high-kick-somersault-with-a-twist and her famous two-point landing. Needless to say it didn't work out so well.
OK maybe not. While considerably less cool, what really happened is she was going down the stairs, something didn't happen in exactly the right order in which things should happen when one is going down the stairs and resulted in a thud, a scream, a LOT of blood, some crying and a trip to the ER for a whopping grand total of TWO stitches.
The funny part is (and I say funny because we all know my sense of humor perhaps isn't what it should be) that it was on the same eye as her last set of stitches. Those were the product of the latest new dance trend (translation - goofing off with your sister) that oddly enough ended in the same thud-scream-blood-crying-ER type incident. So Jane has ended up with about 7 stitches total over her left eye. She could tell you the exact count in the fantastic story telling style that only an 8 year old possesses! We have asked that any further damage to her head please be caused to the other side. After all, we don't want her lopsided. She didn't think we were funny.
On a slightly less dramatic note we are heading firmly into the 32nd week of my pregnancy. While this is exciting to actually be up and around and not strapped to a hospital bed being pumped full of antibiotics and steroids, it is also exhausting. I am reaching the point where I was when Allie was born. Doug assures me that yes, my feet are still there and no I am neither grotesque nor horrifying. (He's smarter than he looks!) While I am struggling with the 32lbs that I have gained I do have to keep perspective and remember that I did put on 55lbs with Jane in 36 weeks. So, if I can manage to not go on some hormonal pregnancy related binge on the Hostess Factory (hey, it's possible) and gain another 20lbs in the next four weeks I'm still ahead of the power curve.
It is amazing for me to have come this far with zero complications. Doug says it's superior genetics. While I only roll my eyes slightly at him I do agree that a more supportive and less stressful atmosphere have played a gigantic part in our being where we are. My health is better. I am more active (although it doesn't seem like it), I take better care of myself. And, while the other children may not agree, I am much less stressed than I
have ever been. I think my increased education about what is going on and how my body is responding has a great deal to do with it too. Doug has had the most positive, supportive attitude and for a lot of it, his strength is what has kept my faith up. He has his fears too, but when we actually talk about things we know that we are on the right track and everything is fine. He is excited as can be everything that is happening. This has been a long time coming for him and it makes my heart sing to be able to share this joy with him. It is amazing that we are here. That all of this is a product of our love and passion for each other. That together we have created a life and that we have more tightly and intimately entwined our life. My only fear is that once he gets his hands on this little miracle that he's not going to share!
That's pretty much it for now. We have another doctor's appointment next week to check my cervix - but at this point we're not especially worried. We have four and a half more weeks before we can expect to deliver at home. We're slowly starting to get all of our preparations in order. I'm looking forward to my baby shower on the 18th (thanks Noelle!). After that it's a matter of picking up our remaining necessities and just being patient for her arrival. She'll get here when she's ready. There's no rush.
Our love to all!

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