Sunday, January 18, 2009

Recession hits home

Well it seems as if the crappy economy they keep talking about has finally hit home. Up to this point I have been enjoying the chance to do a little more shopping because things were on clearance, food prices were down and it didn't require a mortgage to fill up the gas tank. We were taking a financial breather with Doug's recently increased salary giving us a little extra wiggle room and an actual end date to one of our bills. We were starting to make plans again. All of that came to a halt Friday when Doug was laid off from his job. Sales are down, payroll needs to be cut and he was the last manager hired. So there we go.
We'll cut costs where we need to and as much as we can. He'll file for unemployment and I'll work more hours and we'll figure out the rest. Does it strike a little fear in my heart? A tad. But I know that we can make it work and we have each other to rely on. Faith doesn't pay the bills or put food on the table, but it keeps us together while we figure out what does. Thankfully this came just after a payday and at the end of a pay period so we have some to work with. Rent's covered, the groceries are bought and so now we just buckle down and figure it all out.
Today we are grateful for each other. For the girls. We will make the little changes that make the big differences.
We'll get through this difficult piece together.

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