Friday, January 30, 2009

We went to Allie's science fair last night and I took my camera with every intention of taking her picture next to her project. But, the moment we walked through the doors she took off with friends. I thought the above picture was most fitting to describe what it was like at the science fair. Allie did a great job on her project and we were really proud of here. There were some pretty cool projects there, unlike the one at Jane's school. I do understand the difference between the middle school science fair and the elementary school science fair. They should have had one row for Which Candle Burns the Slowest/Fastest, one for Which Paper Towel is the Most Absorbent (Allie did this one last year), and and one for Which Soda/Mentos Combination Makes the Highest Fountain.
We were impressed with some of the project ideas - some of which were pretty funny! Like, Who Will Get Better Scores on a 5th Grade Standard Test. The people tested were a 5th grader, a 6th grader, an adult without a college education and one with a college education - complete with pictures of each. According to the student's findings, the adult without the college education did the worst, while the 6th grader did the best. Here's the part that amused us - the pictures! It was probably the student's parents and sibling judging by the pictures. Here it is posted in the hallway for the science fair, for all of the sixth graders and their parents and their siblings to see. All I could think of was walking past the guy in the hall and thinking "Hey! You're the guy from So-and-So's science project. Man, tough break!". Maybe it was a pop-quiz, there was no time to study. Could've been a long day. Ran out of coffee? Didn't eat his Wheaties? Guess we'll never know. Something tells me that project is not one that will be saved for all time. No sense in reminding Gramps he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed!

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