Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Not a creature was stirring...

OK maybe one, but with such an exciting day it's hard to go to sleep knowing there's even more to come tomorrow!
The girls started their first day of the 2008-2009 school year today. It was a long summer and quite the build up to the new school year this time. For the first time since Krystyne was in kindergarten the girls have returned to the same school for a second year. Well, except Allie but that's because she's transitioned into middle school. It was exciting to see who was in the same class from last year, what the new teacher(s) was like and all the fun that comes with a new school year. It was great for them to not be the "new kids" - again. There was squeals of delight from Jane when she learned that Abbey was in her class again this year and the best friends had not been separated. And "Mom can you believe it?!?! Danielle and I don't have ONE class together this year! It's not FUNNY!!!" from Krystyne as she learned that she would in fact be separated from her absolute BFF! Allie was thrilled to recognize so many people and to have her friends back. She's rolling in a little less excited but with much more happening.
Allie will be taking middle school by the horns, if somewhat reluctantly. Mom's "1 year of an instrument rule" is not going over well. For Al that means playing the trombone in the school band. Doug keeps trying to explain that the other kids aren't going to make fun of her and there are a LOT more opportunities for trips and missing other classes when you're in band. So far she's not going for it. Since 6th graders can do all of the after-school sports without trying out really, she'll be doing track (starts tomorrow), basketball, volleyball and soccer this year. She's only mildly excited about them. But, this year is the only year that they allow that so it's good exposure. Plus it'll widen her social circle a little bit. I think the key with Al this year will be to keep her active.
Krystyne has already immersed herself in a leadership club. It gives her the opportunity to showcase her bubbly personality and talk the ear off of half the school. LOL. She is also going to find out about softball - since surprising herself that she could actually be good at it since a BBQ game of catch with Doug. She's looking forward to a fun filled year. Like with all of them she is in a transition phase and finding where she fits in. Especially after finding out that she was the product of her mother's very own after school special. She actually took the news of her "genetic differences" in stride and with surprising maturity. Even going so far as deciding to tell her sisters about it herself. The news has definitely strengthened our bond. While we both have our moments I think she recognizes now my push for her to do and see everything she can and to make not only good, but great decisions. Doug's desire to adopt her has also brought them closer together. It was a casual mention that neither are big to talk about. It just is. The offer is there. Nothing more, nothing less. When the time is right for both of them. But I have noticed the most subtle of shifts in their relationship. It makes my heart sing.
Jane is just Jane. Bubbly, exuberant and loving as ever. On her own in the mornings and at school this year she is determined and excited for her new adventure. She is every bit of her worldly 8 years and getting closer to 40 by the day. "THIS year we get to use the electric pencil sharpener - we weren't allowed to do that LAST year". The twelve weeks between second and third grade is a lifetime, a growing time, a time to mature. Most things being punctuated with a flip of her blond hair or a bat of her big blue eyes. Decisions are monumental and could affect the rest of her whole life! Or at least until next week.
Well, I'm off to bed myself. The girls aren't the only ones up at the ungodly crack of dawn.

Luckily Krysty knows how to make coffee.

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