Monday, September 15, 2008

Getting Started

Well, we're finally getting started on getting the bedroom ready for the baby. I've been wanting to repaint our bedroom for a while now and since we were doing some rearranging for the baby we thought we should do it all at once. All Doug asked was that it not be "too girlie" and I think I've managed that. We're going with bright colors on the walls - Aurora Orange and Polar Bear White on the walls. The crib and changing table are white too so I think it will all pull together nicely.
Doug has been working really hard to get this all done. I'm not really allowed to help because of the paint fumes.
It is quite a difference! Looks kind of funny now but it'll all pull together in the end.
I sat in the room a bit yesterday and worked on homework with a little help from Ninja. We actually had a little bit of trouble keeping her out of the paint.
Allie came in to hang out for a while. The kids love the colors and were in and out all day. "just to see" how things were coming along. They wanted to help a little but in the end playing outside with friends was much more fun. Isn't' that what Sundays are for?
I'm really excited about getting this all finished and together. I still need to sand and stain the dresser, paint the night-side-stand and changing table and then put it all together but it's slowly happening!

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