Friday, May 29, 2009

Just because you're alone doesn't mean you're invisible

Folks, let's just keep this little tidbit in our minds.
Since they're doing construction on the south bound side of 410 and have closed the right lane causing a bit of a delay. This leaves time to notice the people waiting to make a left turn on the north bound side. I had the thought yesterday that perhaps the people on the north bound side were not used to the people in the south bound lanes being able to see them - or they're going too fast to register what ever it is that is going on inside the cars of the people heading the other direction. People do weird crap when they think no one is looking. Especially if they're alone. Even more so in their cars. Helpful hint - Cars have windows to see out of - this also means that people can see in to whatever it is you're doing in there.
Here's the thing... No one pays attention to the other drivers while on the road. "But wait!" you say. Think about the words for just a second. Yes, the majority of people pay attention to the other cars but not the other drivers! This can be a lot of fun and rather entertaining as I found out. While I'm not sure why the lady in the blue Camry had her mouth open like that, what the girl in the Escort was looking for in the back seat or what the passenger of the truck was quite so emphatic about while resting his feet on the dash (although apparently it did amuse the hell out of the driver) - I am sure that it amused me to make up stuff about them. I spent the rest of my time out running errands doing this and if you have a sense of humor like I do - which many of you do, that's why we're friends - you can imagine how fun(ny) this was.
I think next time Doug and I are in the car together I'll try to get him to play along.

So next time you're out driving by yourself you may want to keep in mind that there are other people that see what you're doing.
And they're laughing about it.

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