Saturday, May 9, 2009

I am blessed!

As Mother's Day approaches I have been thinking about how blessed I am to be one of the many women celebrated on this day.
Even as I sit here I can smell the lilies in the flowers my husband had delivered yesterday. The card said "For the mother of my children and the love of my life." The arrangement is beautiful.
I am blessed to have four amazing, beautiful, challenging daughters. We are dealing with boys and budding individuality. There is trying to find your place among so many and developing personalities. We have clashing desires and an ever shifting dynamic. The phone rings constantly, I can rarely find my hair dryer and there is almost always someone in a bathroom. They argue over who gets to hold the baby and whose turn it is to get time with Mom.
I have found a quiet joy in breastfeeding. While I sometimes sigh at the need to stop what I'm doing because of Fiona's demanding cries - I find it fills my heart to near bursting every time I do it. It is the magic touch to calming a crying baby. And it soothes my frayed nerves even when I am busy and would rather be doing anything else. Knowing that I am nourishing her and providing her with comfort and love with my body is amazing. Looking at the little person there is awe inspiring. I love sitting in a chair and watching her nurse. She watches me too. Big blue eyes staring at me, one hand trying to grab my hair or my shirt, little legs kicking contently. Life is good.
I should be doing homework right now. But the sounds of life going on around me is a bit distracting. Girls are talking, the TV is one, the baby is cooing, and Doug is out mowing the lawn. Straight lines in the lawn means he loves me. Circles are extra special. Today I get circles.

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