Sunday, July 20, 2008

A much needed day together

Doug and I had a fantastic day yesterday! It was a much needed break and time to reconnect that we both needed.

The time since we've been back has been quite an adjustment. I'm working from home now. I started again with my old boss doing medical billing. Now I'll be starting with another client in a couple weeks. It will hopefully mean shorter hours for possibly more money. No less money, that's for sure. It'll give me a little more time to work on school (which officially starts tomorrow) and I'm hoping for a little balance to our schedules.

Starting school is a little daunting. My first class is business 105. Pretty basic but not the onslaught and regurgitation of facts that I have been used to before. Holy crap I have to THINK about this stuff. Damn. So it adds to some of the frustrations.

Doug has his own host of things to worry about. When you're married you worry about your stuff and their stuff too. Compound that with the tight budget from the honeymoon and the added stress from the pregnancy, add some orange zest, dash of cinnimon, shake and serve over ice and you've got yourself quite the conoction. Which pretty much led to a silent retreat to our own corners and schedules.

After a small breakdown and a best-friend-call I decided that it was time to reconnect.

So, we headed off to Seattle for some together time. We ended up at The Crab Pot and had a great lunch. It was good to just be together. You'd think that because the girls are off on vacation that we would get plenty of time, but conflicting schedules are a hinderance.

We were only there a couple hours but it made a world of difference. Life is back to normal and I got to see my husband smile again.

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