Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Doctor's Appointment

So we had another doctor's appointment and ultrasound today! Everything is fine and baby is doing wonderfully. She was still sleeping (lucky little one) and so she didn't wiggle too much this time. Good strong heartbeat and we got to see perfect little hands and feet!
We did talk to Dr. Fassler about my desire to be left pretty much alone through most of my labor. He said they would have to put the Heprin-Lock in my hand but that would be it. Otherwise they would be as "hands-off" as I wanted. We'll bring in a copy of our birth plan for the next visit to make sure there are no problems with what we want to do.
I did gain 10lbs. Not too bad at this point in the pregnancy but a big jump from last month - especially considering it's the only gain I've had. The nurse said that as long as I'm not doing this every time I come in that we're doing just fine!

So basically all is going well. I'll post the ultrasound pictures up later.
All our love!

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