Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Ok so it's been a while but we've been busy!

The wedding is almost here and we've had so much going on. It's been a busy month! Seems as though life just won't stop so we can catch up for a moment.

Krystyne had her final chior preformance of the year! They were really great and you could see how all of the hard work paid off.

Scott turned 40! Isn't he pretty? ;-)

(And so did Debbie but I don't have any pictures from that)

Amy graduated college! We are so PROUD of you honey!

and durring all of this we are still trying to keep the house from falling down around us.

Allie and Krystyne have had volley ball "camp" the last two Tuesdays and are really enjoying it. They're really ready for next season! Jane is excited that she gets to play this time too. A logistical nightmare but we'll make it happen. The extra activities really make a difference with the girls. It gives them something to focus on besides fighting with each other. Which makes Mom and Doug happy!

We met with our new doctor last week. It was just a simple visit and there wasn't much updating. He'll check my cervix every few weeks starting on the 20th and then about every two weeks or so after that. We also went in for a second ultrasound today. That was a lot of fun!
The poor tech had a heck of a time trying to get the measurments she needed. Bean was feeling shy and wanted to keep his/her back to us the whole time. We were lucky enough to get to spend about 15 minutes just watching him/her just do what s/he does all day. Which is pretty much just wiggling around inside Mom! There was a LOT of stretching and kicking and even a bout of the hiccups! S/He'd reach up and touch his/her face and suck on a thumb for a while and then stretch some more. After quite a bit of shaking my belly and prodding the tech was finally able to get the measurements that she needed. I would've been content to sit there all day and just watch and I'm sure Doug would've been too. That little heart is going a strong 155 or so beats a minute. And with all the wiggling I'm surprised it's not higher. But really, what else is there to do in there?
It's still too early to tell if we are having a girl or a boy. That will come in a few more weeks. About August or so. We'll be sure to let everyone know as soon as we do. Doug swears you can tell it's a boy in the first picture but I assured him that's a leg. But I know no matter what that we already are so in love with this little one.
Enjoy all and we'll try to get pictures of the belly up soon too!
All Our Love,
Brandy and The Bean!

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