Saturday, June 21, 2008

Paradise Found

So here ends our first day in Kauai. I think we have actually found the most beautiful place on earth. There is something in the air here that makes everything seem better. Already I feel better. The stress of the last few months has just seemed to float away. I told Doug we could head out tomorrow and I would feel more rested than I have in a long time. Must be something in the water that just washes it all away.

The B&B we're staying in is beautiful. We got in late last night and weren't really able to get a look at the surroundings or anything other than our room (which is gorgeous!). This morning we were up at 6 (thanks to one of the local roosters) and were out and wandering by about 6:30. Yes, surprisingly, Doug was up and running that early! We headed right for the beach that is just a half block away. It was our first chance to see the ocean we had been listening to all night. It's amazing how beautiful everything is .

We came back to the house by about 7:30 just in time for breakfast. Fresh, local fruit, French toast with a great selection of tropical fruit syrups (I had pineapple and Doug had macadamia nut) and probably the best coffee either of us has ever had. All with a beautiful view of the mountains. We were even treated with a rainbow after the quick morning shower.

After breakfast we headed out to wander some more. This being our first day we didn't have a lot of plans. We just enjoyed the surroundings. It's hard to believe that this is all real. It's so beautiful. It would be difficult to not be amazed by the surroundings. We found a dry cave and a wet cave. We wandered Haea beach for a while, looking at the fish and the coral in the reef, watching some fishermen and climbing on the black rocks.

We headed out to Hanalei for lunch. We hit Bubba's Burgers - it's a great little stand with really good burgers. I could definitely eat there for the rest of the trip. We just picked a little piece of grass under a palm tree and people watched. After some shopping and a shave ice we headed back to the house for a little nap.

We headed into Princeville for dinner. It was nothing fancy and nothing exciting but just a nice end to a busy, wonderful day. We could have both gone for a cup of coffee at that point but the little coffee shop was closed. We were laughing that with such good coffee they should be open all the time!

So now we unwind and get to look at the tons of pictures I took. I promised Doug that by the time we got home we'd get our money's worth out of my camera. :)

We've got snorkeling and kayaking planned for tomorrow - and that's all before lunch. So good night for now.

Hawaiian dreams to all, since I'm sure I've found my happy place.

All our Love,

Brandy and Doug

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