Thursday, May 8, 2008

Doctor's Appointment

We had our first doctor's appointment yesterday and it went really well. I went in last week and had all my labs done so those were back. Thankfully everything is within normal ranges. Basically my body is functioning normally and doing all that it should be to keep our little bean happy. Hopefully the discomfort I'm feeling will go away soon. And the breathlessness and edema are all normal. Whew!
I think Doug did okay all things considered. I think it's difficult to have a conversation with someone while they're looking at you over the top of your fiance's knees - and they're on the inside! Bravo Honey! You survived your first "girlie" visit to the doctor. I think one of the best parts was the look on his face when Dr. Komorrow handed me the gown and that paper napkin you're supposed to "cover" yourself with and said "well, this is the part of the day where you get to take your close off". This is normally a smile inducing sentence. However, this time it was met with an inability to decide how to respond. Welcome to the brave new world of pregnancy! I'm sure that's a look that will be around a lot in the months to come.
We got another chance to hear the heartbeat. A wonderful 166 beats a minute this time. Keep it up little one. We discussed our options for care. For those of you that don't know, the girls were all born early. I went into labor at roughly the same time with each of them - 30 weeks. This included wonderful stay's in the hospital hooked up to all kinds of monitors and taking all kinds of things to keep the little bundles from making their grand entrances just yet. I am really hoping this time to avoid the lengthy hospital stays and the worry of another premature baby. I was lucky enough each time that there were not any lasting problems and all the girls are healthy. I'd rather not test God's patience, lest He test mine. So, I'm looking to do as much in the way to prevent another early delivery as possible. Dr. Komorrow's plan of attack via avoidance is to restrict me to light, minimal movement at 24 weeks. After that I am to plant my big ol' preggers butt in bed from 30 weeks on. While the thought of being stuck in bed for 8-10 weeks sounds less than fascinating it's more than an acceptable price to pay for a perfectly timed delivery.
I'm hoping to be able to work from home for the majority of this time. I am not sure yet how it is all going to work itself out but I know that it will. It always does. Working will at least make the time go by faster and help keep my mind busy even if my butt is making a permanent dent in the sofa. Plus it'll give me a chance to see what all the hype is about the daytime talk shows! LOL Ok maybe not. I'll consider it if they give Sharon Osborne her show back! ;-)
Well, that's it for now. I'm going off to bed to get some much needed sleep.

Love to all.

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Mr Lynn said...

Hang in there sweetheart, if your ol'dad can lay around all day you can too! I Love Ya