Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Simple Truths

A few years ago for one reason or another I jotted down a few simple truths I like to live by. While my mind wandered away from me at some point today I remembered this and went to go find them. I don't know why I did either but it bears repeating. My life is so different than it was in June 2005 I wanted to see if I felt differently about anything. There isn't one that I would change and only one that no longer applies (and I opted to leave out)

  1. Good enough isn't.
  2. The measure of a person isn't in their words, but their actioins.
  3. Any woman going to the bar alone is only looking for one thing.
  4. There isn't much that could go wrong that can't be fixed by something expensive - or chocolate
  5. There is very little a man can do that can't be fixed by a little blue box (if you don't know where the little blue box comes from, it's best you stay out of trouble. or ask.)
  6. Know when to keep your mouth shut and your head down.
  7. Know when to open your mouth and keep your head up.
  8. Know where all the exits are.
  9. Say your sorry. Especially when you're right. Harsh words sting the one who was wrong the most.
  10. A lady doesn't need to wear a watch. All important events will be announced.
  11. Be on time. Tardyness is just plain rude.
  12. Don't apologize for who you are. If someone doesn't like you, it's their problem.
  13. Don't expect someone else to applogize for who they are. You don't have to like them.
  14. Don't be rude if you can help it.
  15. Sometimes nice doesn't work. But be nice until it doesn't.
  16. Anyone who says money isn't important has never had it, or been completely without it.
  17. Anyone who says they wouldn't do XYZ for any amount of money has never been offered the right amount.
  18. Love is a gift. Receive it as one. Give it as one.
  19. Trusting someone is knowing that they won't fuck-up when it counts.
  20. Loyalty is one of the most important things.
  21. Faith is believing in something you can't prove to be right.
  22. Learn from your mistakes. Even if you make them again.
  23. Learn from the mistakes of others. Even if they make the same ones again.
  24. Forgive.
  25. Most things can be let go. Most things should be.
  26. Tomorrow is another day.
  27. Make today matter.
  28. The state of your house is a direct reflection of your life.
  29. Never underestimate the healing power of cleaning.
  30. or a good cry.
  31. or a stiff drink.
  32. Dogs and kids know when we need love better than we do. Always let one in your lap.
  33. Never ask for more than you are willing to give.
  34. Never bet more than you can afford to loose.

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