Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Let me start out by saying that music is one of my very favorite things in the whole world. There are few other things that can move you like music. It makes you feel. It makes you think. There's a song for every mood. I have CD's I haven't listened to since my divorce because the lyrics are still too sharp. There are songs that I will listen to over and over because they bring me joy or remind me of something beautiful and wonderful. To hear these things live and watch the people blessed with this gift is one of the most wonderful things. It is something I have not done enough of over the years.
Last week Allie and I went to her first concert. What started out as a free acoustic show we won on the radio turned into tickets for the show that night. We were really excited as we both really like Flyleaf. I was looking forward to taking Allie and showing her what I love about live music.
This was so much more than I expected.
The "pre-show" was sponsored by the radio station and was the lead singer Lacey and the guitarist Sameer playing a short acoustic set for about 15 people. They came out and sat down and said hello. Lacey looked a little nervous. With eyes closed and wringing hands the voice that came out of this tiny woman blew me away. I've heard Flyleaf on the radio and at full volume in my car and was not prepared for the power behind the song. (I had to laugh a little when Allie noticed she was singing with gum still in her mouth.) The recordings of Lacey's voice do not do it justice - it doesn't allow it to resonate through your bones like it did in this small room. All I could think while watching her was that we were witness to something personal and intimate. There is real, raw emotion behind the songs. My first impression was that she was a musician - not a performer. Performing was part of it. Intimate gatherings like this one are part of the job. The joy is the music. The passion is the music. Here is this tiny woman with this huge voice sharing this with us. She's nervous. I would be nervous about baring my soul that way, too.
We got a chance to meet Lacey and Sameer after the show and get a picture and an autograph. They were nice and the kind of people you could sit down and have a coffee with. They were approachable and that was great. It might have had a bit to do with the fact that Allie is a head taller than Lacey. Allie was beside herself. How COOL was this!?
We wandered around around Seattle for a few hours. Had a coffee and a snack. Allie got the heck scared out of her by the Monk fish at the fish market. Really, the funniest thing I have seen in a while. They heard her scream 6 shops down. We had a good time and connected. It was nice to spend time together.
We stood in line with about 100 of our new best friends. From the look on Allie's face Christmas was waiting inside. All dark and punk-rock and loud - but Christmas still. She didn't know what to expect but she knew it was shiny and awesome! Once we got in she was all anticipation and energy. She kept asking what time it was and how long until it started. We ended up waiting a half hour past what the expected start time was. It was a concert, what can you expect.
It was worth the wait. My earlier impression was blown out of the water.
What I took as a nervousness seemed now a struggle to hold back the power and the passion in the song. What appeared now was a voice, a need, a power that was difficult to contain in such a small package. She practically burst. The accompaniment of the guitars and drums added to the feeling. It was whole. The package was complete. Her voice could only be complimented by the musicians she played with. Their music could only be lifted by her voice. The energy was explosive. I will definitely follow them for as long as they are able to share this amazing gift with us. Add to the talent a positive message and I'm hooked. "Arise and be all that you dream. Encourage each other and remember to sing over each other, over your family, and over yourself. Arise and be all that you dream".
Their newest album , Momento Mori, came out on Tuesday. Yes, we already have it and have listened to it. More than once. I had to load it on my ipod so that I have a hope of getting to listen to it and don't have to hunt down where Allie has hid it.
I hope this is able to foster the budding musician in Allie. Or at the very least will add to her love of music. Music is how Allie and I connect. I'm glad we were able to share this experience. If "alternative" is your thing, I definitely suggest you RUN to get your copy. NOW. What are you still doing here?

Arise and be all that you dream
Encourage each other
and remember to sing over each other
over your family
and over yourself
Arise and be all that you dream

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