Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pictures and Pearls

OK so I've gotten a lot of flack lately about not updating enough and everyone wanting to see more pictures and read more about what's going on (you mean someone actually reads this thing?) So, here we are. A few more pictures. I'll try to get more up later too.
Just chillin'
Helping Mama Work...

Snow in Washington - I thought it was called Global WARMING!!!!

Happy 14th Birthday Krystyne!
(hey wait..14?? When did THAT happen?)

Krysty's first driving lesson with Doug. He's braver than I am!

Sometimes it's nice to to have a friend close by...
After a very long and sleepless night I finally handed the baby over to Doug when he got up for work. He scolded me for staying up all night and not waking him up to help. Then used his Papa Magic on her to get her to sleep. Something I had been trying to do for hours! He had this little pearl of wisdom:
He said "If I've learned anything in my 30 days as a father it's that everything takes twice as long as you think it should"
This is why I can't get anything accomplished during the day. Thankfully he understands that.
Just thought I'd add - Bless the Mormons! These two young missionaries just stopped by to do their Missionary thing. It's maybe 30 degrees outside, there's a good 6" of snow on the ground and they're out there trying to spread their message. Stopping door to door trying to do a little good. They're greeted by me, still in my jammies at 11 o'clock, and the dogs. We exchanged pleasantries and I explained that I appreciate what they're doing, but it's just not for us. They were really sweet and said they were also trying to do some good and offered to shovel the walkway for me! I thanked them and said I wasn't planning on venturing out if I could help it. (Sorry everyone, cards are late this year!). It's just nice to see such pleasantness and good will. Especially standing at your front door. I hope they find someone that they can share their message with. If for only to get out of the cold. They deserve it.

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