Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas is coming and more baby pictures!

Well it's official! Christmas is on its way. We finally got our tree up (only took a week longer than normal). It's not the 12' monstrosity we had last year. As a matter of fact, it's not even a real tree. It's our trusty boxed, pre-lighted, up in 10 minutes tree. Not my favorite, but with Krysty, Allie and Jane heading to WI for Christmas we're going the easy route this year. I promised the girls next year that we'd "Go Big" with the decorations since it's pretty simple this year.
We're supposed to have lights outside, but Doug's been sick so we haven't made it that far yet.
Pierce County Fire and Rescue brought Santa around the neighborhood last night! It was freezing cold and raining but the girls ran out anyway and I followed with the camera. I remember how cool it was when I was a kid to see Santa on the fire trucks!
A little late I suppose but I was finally able to pick tomatoes from the plant I started in May! They're the size of large Cherry tomatoes when they should be the size of Beefsteak but I'm just excited they grew! I'm hoping to keep the plant alive until spring and try again. But really, it's me and a plant. The odds aren't great.
Here's a couple of new pictures of Fiona. Cuddling and sleeping with Papa on the sofa. The flash from the first picture woke up Doug but I made him close his eyes and let me take another one since they looked so cute!
Happy after snuggle time!
Here she is voicing her opinion of diaper changing time!
All better! Clean with a full tummy... this is the life!

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