Wednesday, December 31, 2008

On Your Own

For those that have gotten this in their email - this will be the last time.
I've made the decision to remove the email option from the blog. If you want to read it and keep up on what may or may not be going on with us you're on your own. No, I'm not turning off the blog, just the option to send my ramblings to your In Box.
If you're wondering why the reason is very simple. I've found myself editing what I choose to put into the blog based on the fact that it is emailed to people. I have sat down to add something to the blog - pictures, updates, thoughts - and then made the decision not to because I knew that it would be going out in email. With this feature on I have to think "is this something I would want to get in my email?" While it may be something I would want, I don't feel qualified to answer for everyone receiving this. I have been told by a few that they wish I would update more and that they enjoy reading about what we're doing. I'm glad. However, I find that I don't enjoy writing To someone. I have trouble knowing what someone else may (or may not) find interesting and have edited the content here because of that.
So - short story long - if you enjoy reading my various ramblings and seeing pictures of the girls and the dogs we're still here. Visit long and often if you so choose.

All my love,


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