Thursday, November 20, 2008

No baby yet!

First of all, thank you to everyone who has called to check on us! I appreciate all of the care and concern.

Fiona is still taking her time deciding to join the rest of us in this big ol' world. It's been a difficult week. As most know I've never gone this long. That itself is a blessing. However, it's also a tad frustrating. Last weekend Doug and I went to a nice dinner together at Salty's. Kind of a last date night before the baby. It was a chance to reconnect and concentrate on each other for a while. The weekend was hard for me emotionally. Not knowing what's going on has been difficult. In the past I've always been so monitored that I didn't move without someone knowing it. Now we're just waiting to see. I'm not patient and this gets to me. I don't feel like I'm doing anything and that's hard. Doug has been wonderful through it all. While he is at a loss for what to do when I burst into tears he's trying to be supportive. I know it's hard as I apologize in between sobs. He just laughs and hugs me and says "baby will come when baby is ready". It's not terribly helpful when I'm ready but he's so comforting I feel better.

I'm doing what I can to stay occupied. It's not terribly easy. My boss, knowing how close I am, has reduced my work load. There's only so much to do at home - although I could do more. It is hard to concentrate on any one thing for a length of time. But, I'm working on it. Doug's schedule is a little different these days so he's home more. It helps having him home.
I did have the realization yesterday that Thanksgiving is only a week away. We've been concentrating so much on the baby that I hadn't realized how quickly it was approaching. Yes, I am planning on hosting this year, even being so close to when I'm due. No, I'm not crazy. This was difficult for Doug to agree to but he finally did. The girls are home this year and it's important to me that they have Thanksgiving at home. They are excited since they will be helping cook. Cooking has become something fun for them to do lately and so I like to let them do it as often as possible. It'll be fun to work out what they want to do.
So that's basically it. I'll keep you all posted when things start to happen. Hopefully soon.

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