Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Belly Cast

While we were in Hawaii Doug and I saw a belly cast in a little shop we were wandering through. It was actually Doug who said that when I got further along it was something we definitely had to do. I've had mixed emotions about it as I've gotten bigger. I also wanted to do maternity portraits but that was just one of those things that we haven't gotten to and I don't think we will. The end of the pregnancy has come upon us faster than we thought and with the wedding, honeymoon, job changes for us both and everything else, it just didn't get to the top of the priority list. I'm not entirely heartbroken about it since I'm not too fond of having my picture taken these days anyway. It's hard to prioritize portraits when you're not feeling your most attractive. And I think there's enough photos floating around to document my ever expanding size that I'm OK with it.
Actually doing the cast was a blast. The girls watched and took pictures. Luckily they are girls and my own modesty is not something that I am particularly protective of. If the girls had their way (and Doug too) we'd have half a dozen of these. It was pretty fun!

Getting everything ready!
Reading the instructions carefully
This part was yucky! You have to cover yourself in Vaseline so the plaster doesn't stick to your skin. You know where you don't cover well later!
Censorship at its finest!
Pretty much covered

And waiting...
And being goofy!
Just waiting for it to dry now.

An obviously messy process!
The inside
The end result! Now we just wait for it to dry!
We'll add some plaster to smooth out the lines and do a bit of sanding before we paint. I'm still trying to decide how I want to decorate it. I'm thinking a Hawaiian theme since that is where the inspiration came. Plumeria flowers, pineapples, palm trees and sea turtles. We'll see!

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