Friday, November 7, 2008

Any time now

We're in the clear! No longer considered "high-risk" and now we wait.
I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. Everything is going well and we are right on track. As of tomorrow I am considered full term and can deliver any time. He checked my cervix and I'm only dilated to 1cm. He said the contractions I am having are normal and to just relax and try to rest. I don't want to rest! I want to get this on with already! I've never been this pregnant and that was only once with Jane (and I was hospitalized in labor). And even then it was a nerve wracking experience filled with doctors and hospitals and serious decisions to make. This time is just so, well... normal. Everything is functioning as it should be. While I have had changes I am going at the normal rate and progressing as expected.
I'm getting anxious about the whole thing. I'm ready and apparently Fiona is not. It's like getting the best present ever and not being able to open it. I think that part of it is knowing that we are finally past a point where even if I was to go to the hospital they wouldn't stop my labor and we would be treated like any other laboring woman. Charlene will be here tomorrow to visit with us. Hopefully she will be able to calm my nerves a bit. I have so much nervous energy that I don't really know what to do with. I'm thinking of going on a walk. Doug says not to push it but baby will only come when she is ready and for the moment seems rather content in her ever-shrinking mommy-condo. We've talked. I've tried to tell her all of the wonderful things waiting and the people that are excited to see her. So far it's gotten me a roll and a kick in the ribs.
Doug keeps telling me it's not time yet. He says "she's a Strange baby, and she hasn't hit the 9lb mark yet". I don't think he's funny. While I am looking forward to our natural home birth and everything that comes with it, I am not going to be upset if I am not able to proclaim that I had a 10lb baby at home! I've thought about it, come to terms with it, and will manage if this little one is actually little.
I promise to keep everyone informed and let everyone know as things progress.
Right now I think I'll go for a walk. Get rid of some of this energy so I can concentrate on the work I have to get done today.
Keep us in your thoughts and prayers and send lots of good vibes our way.

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Daniel said...

10 lb babies rule. I was 10 pounds, 9 ounces, and I'm awesome, so cross your fingers that she turns out like me. Only less hairy, of course.