Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I’m Awesome. Just Ask Me.

*Note: Names and details have been changed to protect the mean innocent.

I learned something yesterday. Not everyone likes me. I know! I was filled with shock and awe myself. Me! How is there anyone out there that doesn’t like ME!?! I’m awesome – just ask me.

Well, in reality I’m shocked there is anyone that does actually like me.  I have people that I’ve known for most of my life that by now are required to like me (ahem, Michelle). There are people who are required to put up with me – sorry in-laws. But, in all reality I am shy and insecure and surprised that anyone truly likes me. Especially at times like last weekend, when my house was bursting with people that came for the singular purpose of wishing us luck on our move and having a chance to say a personal good-bye. I’m always astounded that there are people that are not required to put up with me and continue to choose to spend time with me. Not that I think I’m all that horrible. I like me. Doug likes me. I like other people, so I shouldn’t be surprised when I fall into the “other people” category of someone else, right? Not so much.

I was still taken aback when talking to Megan* on the phone and she says  “So, why doesn’t Hailey like you?”. Um, I didn’t know she didn’t. Not like we’re best buds or anything.  We’re not planning vacations together but we do have some inter-connecting circles and are often at the same gatherings where we chat and (I thought) got on well enough.  In a conversation with Leslie, Megan was told something along the lines of “Hailey doesn’t really like Brandy and I don’t know why”. Hmmm. Well, Brandy doesn’t know why either.  I do know how Sweet-Valley-Vomit this sounds.

Doug said I shouldn’t worry about it and that since he likes me no one else should matter. And in a way I suppose he’s right. Then again, it sucks. While I will be the first to admit that Hailey is not someone that would be on the top of my list of new shopping buddies, I don’t dislike her. I don’t think she’s a bad human out drowning kittens in her off  hours. We just don’t have a strong connection. We’re different types of women, different types of parents, and there is a bit of an age gap.  But I still like her! We have some significant commonalities that I thought would at least make us allies. Doug said “so just ask her”. Oh yeah right. Hasn’t the fact that I’m even having this conversation clued you in that I’ve been punted squarely into being a 11 year old that got left out of the birthday party?

I’m not sure how I’m going to handle the whole thing. I do know how silly it must seem to even care, but I do. It hurts my feelings and bruises my pride. My hard candy outside and evil gooey center hide a tender heart that bleeds easily.  So if I’m extra bitchy awesome for the next few days you can add this to the list of why.

I guess it’s time to update my press release.

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