Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's a Small, Small World

The internet has suddenly made the world tiny. I've had repeated conversations with friends that have found - or been found by - random people from the past.  Old boyfriends/girlfriends, high school pal, or just people they've known and lost track of. I've looked up people myself.  I had one of those experiences myself recently.
I was reading through my facebook page and saw that one of my friends had just become friends with a name I found familiar. It's a common name and I figured it was just a coincidence. It didn't seem possible that this particular person from my past could be friends with this fairly new friend.  So I clicked on the link and there was a picture and it was in fact the old flame I thought it was.  I've talked to a couple people about it and they've said I should email or say hello. But I don't really want to. We had an odd relationship, and to resurface that 15+ years later seems silly. Plus our mutual friend has close ties with someone I grew up with and I don't know how much of that time I am willing to rehash.  There's nothing particularly bad or dark that I want to hide, there's no real skeleton that I'm interested in keeping in a closet.  I made pivital decisions during that time and I don't want to go back.  The flame burned fast and bright and I'd rather remember him as he was at 20 that know who he is now at almost 40.
Fast cars, ocean air and lots of laughs make for good memories. I wish him the best and hope that his life has turned out as well as he had hoped it would.
I know mine has.

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