Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Finally I have been able to get some pictures of Jane! It seems like it goes in shifts on who I can catch pictures of and who gets left out from time to time. Here she is looking FABULOUS! for her field trip to see a play. She was very excited to go and wanted to look her best! I even got a good smile!

We started giving Fiona bananas this week. It has apparently made for some interesting diapers but she sure loves them! We started with bananas just because it's what I happened to have on hand and she was watching me eat one. So I smooshed a little piece and gave it to her. She just loved it. Normally I would worry about them causing her to be a little constipated but since she only gets breast milk the rest of the time I know she'll be fine. She had a little bite of potato at dinner the other night and liked that too! Maybe we'll try some avocado later. I know babies usually start off with cereal but I would rather start her with whole, "real" foods. Since she's not eating them for any nutritional reasons (all of a baby's nutritional needs are met with breast milk until they're a year old) I don't see any real reason to give her any kind of "filler". She really seems to enjoy the taste and texture and she's learning about new things!
~mmmmm, nanners are goooood!~

~Look how cute I am! More, please!~

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