Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Completely ready for today to be over!

Ok, first I'll start with the good stuff before the bitching. LOL
We mailed the invitations out on Monday (most of them)! YAY!

So, hopefully we start getting response cards and all of that good stuff back. I've got about a dozen more to put together and send out. I'm getting the final details hammered out and we're starting to make final payments. WHEW! I can't believe it's getting so close.

And now the bitching!
I'm just feeling like CRAP! I'm exhausted, moody, hungry and ready to vomit at a moments notice. All day. It's even to the point I threw up at work today - 3 times! UGH. I'm so not motivated and just want to nap. Or sit in my chair and read my book. Pretty much anything that doesn't require any thought or movement.
Luckily the girls have been really good and have pretty much cleaned the whole house. They're my little life savers. Although they may only be doing it to save their own little lives since I'm not exactly what one would call pleasant! And I think Doug is happy for his schedule, since it keeps him out of the direct path most of the time. I haven't seen him for more than a few minutes since the weekend. Probably best if we're going to make it that 58 days to the wedding without him choking me. I think the cure for pregnancy hormones should be a straight-jacket. What I need is a glass of wine. What I'll get is a hot bath.

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Mr Lynn said...

Got the invite, will mail reply tomorrow...Sorry to hear about your "illness"..(run and hide Doug) ...Can't wait to see you! Dad & April