Friday, April 4, 2008

4 weeks + 6 days

Ok so here's our first picture! Three weeks and only growing from here.
So, let's do a quick lesson in pregnancy math for those that have noticed the title doesn't match that last sentence. When the doctors calculate your due date they do it 40 weeks from your last period- thereby adding two weeks since you don't ovulate and actually get pregnant for another 14 or so days after your period ends. Since we were tracking my cycle and know when I was ovulating we've got a pretty firm grasp on when I got pregnant. We were actually going to wait until after the wedding for this part but that didn't work out quite like we planned (gee, thanks Michelle;)). And here we are, three weeks after some vodka and Red Bull and bad math and couldn't be happier!
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Love to all!

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Gr & Gr said...

Congrats to ya "all"! Looks like the family's not the only thing expanding. Love, Phil and Penny