Monday, September 13, 2010

Official Announcement

So here it is. Our Official Announcement!
I'm pregnant again!

I thought it best to answer some of the questions we've been getting...

  1. You know what causes that right? - Yes, yes we do. And that's the best part of trying.
  2. Are you trying for a boy? - I would like a boy. But, a healthy baby is what we are hoping for most. 
  3. What if it's another girl? - Then we start our own volleyball team. 
  4. How many are you going to have? - We figure we'll keep trying until we get an ugly one.  Actually, this is it.  Any more and we can't buy a car at a regular dealership. I'm not OK with that. 
  5. When are you due? - April
  6. April what? - Whenever the baby lets us know it's time. 
  7. Where are you delivering? - At home.  No, I'm not nuts.
  8. Who's your doctor? - I've got a great family doctor, Dr. Merrill in Enumclaw, and we'll have midwifery care as well.  
  9. Is this the reason behind your increased Facebook posts on birth and delivery? - No, there has been an increase in discussion and information as of late. I think it's important to share the information with people who might not know that these changes are happening.  
  10. When is your first doctor's appointment? September 27th.
That's it I guess. We're really excited.

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Destanie said...

Congrats Brandy!!!! I am so excited for you. I do read your blog quite often, just wondering how you are doing. Glad all is well. It takes a REALLY Good person to handle 5 kids. You got what it takes :-)
With love,