Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mommy Groups

Fiona and I attended our first Mommy Group meet up yesterday. Nothing fancy, we met at a local Starbucks and then walked the Enumclaw trail. It was about 2 hours and was deeply needed. The weather couldn't have been better. I do love this time of year in Washington. Despite sleep deprivation from the night before Fiona was all smiles and managed to stay awake for the entire time. I think she enjoyed seeing the other kids. I know I enjoyed the activity and social time.
I'm not good at meeting new people. For a very long time I have always had the same group of friends and had a hard time going out of that comfort zone. I like meeting new people, I'm just not very good at getting out there and doing it. I think this Mommy Group thing will be good for me and for Fiona. We don't really get much social time in and it's starting to be a problem with Fiona. She's very clingy to me and doesn't really want to go to anyone else. This includes her Papa and I know that is hard on him. But, I am all she sees and has during the day and I get a little anxious sometimes, too. So in an effort not to make the baby as batty as the Mama we're out to make new friends!

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