Friday, July 31, 2009

Maybe I need my head examined.

The other day I had someone say to me "It's OK, I understand. You have teenagers - and a baby." I kind of giggled at first and as the day progressed I was more and more amused. My current lack of personal organization and inability to get simple tasks accomplished is socially acceptable because I have a reasonable excuse for having days where it is a good thing I have preference for slip on shoes - my kids.
So, for all of you moms (and dads) out there wondering what the hell happened - feel secure in the fact that you are not alone. When you look at your spouse and ask "When did we get stupid?", it was right about the time your kids figured out you do not know everything. That is also the time they figure (or at the very least believe) that they do know everything and you're a moron. I think they're just as confused as we are how we've managed to keep them alive this long with our bumbling idiocy. I think that the very act of trying to figure out what the hell they were thinking does blow out a few parental brain cells. Add this to my current and perpetual state of sleep deprivation and its no wonder I choose not to tie my shoes. I don't need that extra thing to think about in my day when my brain is already overloaded.
I have always said that there is a limited amount of space in a person's brain. When that space is filled up there is stuff that has to go. Unfortunately for me I am pulling space from my short term memory. I can give you directions from my mom's house to my first high school (because I need that tidbit of information). But when it comes to short term memory... I'm sorry, what were we talking about?

That's OK. I have teenagers. And a baby.

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