Friday, June 12, 2009

6 months

Fiona is just over six months now. Edging closer to seven months every day and I thought I would share some recent pictures. We've gotten into quite a routine lately. She has dinner with us like a big girl! Doug and I alternate between who is giving her bites. That way be both have a chance to at least have a sort of warm meal. After dinner is a little bit of play time and then it's off to the tub for her favorite part of the day. Bath time has become fun. She plays in the bubbles and splashes and tries to get toys. Lately we have been experimenting with a cup at meal time and she likes to practice that in the bath too She knows just how it's supposed to work, but can't quite manage to get her chubby little arms to do what she's hoping they will. We're also learning cause and effect! Putting your mouth in the water means water (and bubbles)in your mouth. And nose. And eyes. Too much bouncing might mean falling backwards. And splashing can be funny, but can also mean splashing yourself in the eye. We've also learned that voices carry and echo in the bathroom so there is quite a bit of chatter at bath time.

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